Fair play encompasses many aspects of football and manifests itself in a variety of ways on and off the pitch.

It can be seen when a player helps a player on the opposing team up after a foul or when a player acts with integrity and informs a referee he or she was in fact not fouled in the penalty area and should not be awarded a penalty kick.

Fair play also extends beyond the pitch and into the crowd when the spirit of competition and respect for one another is on display. Simply put, fair play is football in its purest form.

Since 1987, FIFA has recognised exemplary fair play with the FIFA Fair Play Award.

The winner of the 2016 award was Atletico Nacional from Colombia, due to a remarkable gesture of humility. The team sent a request to CONMEBOL to award Associação Chapecoense de Futebol the Copa Sudamericana title following the November 2016 plane crash in Colombia that claimed the lives of the vast majority of its passengers – including the team delegation of the Brazilian side and members of the media.

All award winners will be revealed at The Best FIFA Football Awards show in London on 23 October.