Do you have what it takes to become the world champion of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17? Join us for the 13th edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) and show the world your skills! You can compete in FIWC 17 on the world's two leading gaming consoles - PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

All the information you need to register for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 can be found below.

To compete in FIWC17 you need:
• A PlayStation®4 or an Xbox One
• A copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17
• An Internet connection
• An EA account
• Register on

Register for FIWC17
All players who wish to be eligible for FIWC 17 need to (1) set-up an EA account if they don't have one, and (2) register their EA account on  

To set up an EA account:
• Go to
• Click on 'join now’
• Click on 'Create your EA Account’
• Submit your email and your personal data
• Accept the Terms and Conditions

Once you have registered successfully with EA Online, you will have to complete the steps outlined below to become eligible to play EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 competitively and have the chance to qualify for the Ultimate Team Championship Series or one of the FIWC Regionals, and ultimately the main event - the FIWC 17 Grand Final!

Register for FUT Champions: 
• Once you’re logged in with your EA Online account, click on 'FUT Champions’ and 'Become eligible’ for the Ultimate Team Championship Series and the FIFA Interactive World Cup.
• Fill in your country of origin (the country entered must match your passport) and date of birth.
• Select the option allow EA to contact you in order to be eligible to win prizes.

Fight daily for access weekend leagues!
• Each week, win a Daily Knockout tournament in FUT Champions to qualify for the Weekend League
• Win as many games as possible with your Ultimate Team™ during the Weekend League
• Climb your region’s Monthly Leaderboard by playing each weekend to get into a qualifying position on the leaderboard!
• Check the Tournament Format page to find detailed information

How to check your ranking
You can view your progress by visiting the FIFA Ultimate Team leaderboards in EA SPORTS FIFA 17. The best players on the regional monthly leaderboards will qualify for regional live qualification events.

Getting in touch with the FIWC
You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about competing in the FIWC in our FAQs section.

The FIWC is on Facebook!
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